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Other drugs may interact with amoxicillin.including prescription and over-the-counter medicines.vitamins.and herbal products. Tell each of trimox 500 mg price health care providers about all medicines you use now and any medicine you start or stop using.

Bleeding under the skin can occur from broken blood vessels that form tiny pinpoint red dots (called petechiae). Blood can also collect under the tissue in larger flat areas (called purpura).or in a very large bruised area (called an ecchymosis).

Shake suspension well before using. any unused portion must be discarded after 14 days.

Methotrexate. co-trimoxazole may increase the free plasma levels of methotrexate. If Co-Trimoxazole is considered appropriate therapy in patients receiving other anti- folate drugs such as methotrexate.a folate supplement should be considered (see section 4.4).

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